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Leadership in Investing

​Thompson Investing understands the value of knowledge exchange. Sustainable performance has its foundations in building up both relationships and knowledge. Sharing information can be a source of inspiration and insights, as well as enable better decision making. Here are some thought leader sources from Thompson Investing:

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Podcast Appearances

  • The Investor Mindset | Steven Pesavento – 10 Steps to Evaluate A Sponsor: Smart Investor Due Diligence Listen Here
  • The Real Estate Foundation Podcast | Jason and Pili – Six Thousand Units Worth Over 500M with David Thompson → Listen Here
  • DJE Texas Management Group – Scaling Quickly with David Thompson → Listen Here
  • Juan Vargas – The Power of Raising CapitalListen Here
  • Tamar Mar – Raising Capital and Working with InvestorsListen Here
  • Lifetime Cash Flow with Rod Khleif (Ep #179)Listen Here
  • How to Raise Money with David ThompsonListen Here
  • (Episode 11) on Target Market Insights by John Casmon – How to Raise $1M in two weeksListen Here
  • The Corporate Investor Podcast – How to Raise $1 M in two weeksListen Here
  • Interview with Kevin Bupp (Part 1) – Lessons Learned Raising $1M in two weeksListen Here
  • Interview with Kevin Bupp (Part 2) – Lessons Learned Raising $1M in two weeksListen Here
  • Interview with Joseph Fairless – Experiences Raising Capital Listen Here
  • Interview with Reed Goossens – How to Raise $1M in Two Weeks! Listen Here


  • Forbes Real Estate Council – Three Tips To Raising Capital For Your Real Estate Deal Read Here
  • Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice | Joe FairlessTop 5 Essentials of Raising Private Capital → Read Here
  • 3 Ways to Raise Over $1 Million on Your First Real Estate Syndication Deal → Read Here